ON-HDWS-774HD 23A2M_232M

ON-HDWS-774HD 23A2M_232M


★The digital wireless vehicle display adopts 7 inches 1024×600 high definition LCD screen and high temperature resistant ABS material.

★The display has wide range of voltage input DC8V-32V, which is widely used for vehicle and machinery safety monitoring.

★The display has built-in 2.4G wireless reception and wireless reception range up to 200 meters (open distance).

★The display built-in power reverse polarity protection circuit design, effectively prevent human error operation damage equipment

★The display backlight has built-in constant voltage and constant current circuit protection design, and the service life is extended.

★The display OSD menu can be set up separately for each camera to flip up and down.

★The display of single screen channel can set up automatic cycle switching mode.

★Display multi screen display, display mode can be set arbitrarily.

★The display supports four channels of wireless digital video reception, and can display single picture, two picture, three picture and four picture mode.

★The reversing scale shows the safe operation of auxiliary reversing.

★The complete and compact structure design of the display has 8G seismic strength.

★1080P wireless forklift camera, built-in green laser positioning, anti-collision stainless steel case, anti-fog and waterproof IP69K;

★Monitor supports up to 256G TF memory card

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