Offline UPS series


Features :

  • Model : ON-OT51040~ON-OT51200
  • Offline UPS series, Line Interactive UPS, 400VA~2000VA
  • Microprocessor : Controlled by a technologically advanced microprocessor guaranteeing high reliability
  • AVR Function : Equipped with 2 boost & 1 buck AVR function to regulate output voltage
  • Management Software : Management software is designed to monitor and control RS-232 Smart UPS and provides numerical and graphical display of the UPS status (eg.: voltage,frequency, load and etc.)
  • Cold Start Function : Built-in DC start function enables UPS to be started without AC power supplied
  • Built-in CCCV Battery Charger : Constant current, constant voltage battery charger
  • UPS Green Mode : Energy saving function
  • Interactive UPS : Line Interactive UPS with interactive topology
  • Off-mode Charging : UPS will charge itself even though power switch is off
  • RS-232 / USB port (Optional) : RS-232 or USB port and cable for managing functions via PC
  • LCD display (Optional)
ON-OT51040-51200 (333.6 KiB, 101 downloads)
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