ON-3201AD photo


Features :

Audio Door Entry system
* The intercom keypad allows the user for an easy opening of the automatic gate: by digiting customized security code on the keypad of the door entry system, the gate will open.
* The external panel is made of silver or black colored aluminium so that it will give a modern look to the entrance of any building.
* When the visitor push the bell on the external panel, signal will be given inside the home and communication will start once who is inside the building has taken up the phone.
* It is the practical solution for access control in the home, providing both door entry security and internal communication.
* The indoor unit is hands free, it can open two locks.
* An Exit button can be connected to unlock.

ON-3201AD catalogue (1.0 MiB, 40 downloads)
ON-3201AD user manual (2.0 MiB, 54 downloads)