ON-WIFI01 photo


Features :
* WiFi gateway
* Based on the TUYA smart home platform, work with most of the TUYA smart based smart products.
* It can connect with sensors by 433MHZ around 80m, support up to 50 pieces accessories.
* As the hub of the alarm system, it receives alerts from the connected devices and then trigger the system to send notifications to the smart mobile phone.
* AC 100-260V/50-60Hz powered, support different plugs, such as EU/ USA/ UK/ AU (price is the same)
* 3 Level volume isadjustable.

ON-WIFI01 (506.8 KiB, 14 downloads)
ON-WIFI01 and all sensor user manual (2.3 MiB, 31 downloads)
Tuya based WIFI Alarm kit catalogue (ON-WIFI01).pdf (1.1 MiB, 21 downloads)